Changing the Face of Poverty

Be The Switch Point

Beyond food and shelter Switchpoint Community Resource Center is a stepping stone to independence for individuals experiencing homelessness. A switch point is a mechanism on a train track that with a little bit of a turn sends the train in a completely different direction. Switchpoint offers tools to get life back on track for those who need it most. 

Why Homelessness Matters


Homelessness exposes individuals and families to traumatic events which often aggravates their current circumstances. Homelessness challenges the ability to access needed resources and regain self-sufficiency. Children are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of homelessness. Homelessness often interrupts schooling and the development of positive peer and mentoring relationships. Children experiencing homelessness frequently experience dangerous or unhealthy environments and may be more likely to experience homelessness as an adult. Communities also feel the impact of homelessness.

Your contributions are changing lives every day. Your dollars help to empower those facing homelessness to shift onto the track that will lead to their best life.

Tour of Switchpoint community resource center

Take a Tour of Switchpoint

Come to learn more about our facility and services by taking a 45-minute tour. Please send a request by email to: to schedule a day and time convenient for you and your group.