Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Switchpoint Community Resource Center


How many rooms does the Switchpoint Emergency Shelter have?  
Switchpoint Emergency Shelter has 17 rooms and 81 separate beds available for single males, females and families. Switchpoint has three separate sleeping areas to accommodate many situations of homelessness.

What are the operating hours of Switchpoint Emergency Shelter? 
Homelessness doesn’t take off weekends or holidays. That is why Switchpoint Emergency Shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist individuals, families, and veterans who may be experiencing homelessness.

What is in a typical room?
A typical room at Switchpoint has four bunk style beds with a sink, toilet, shower and window.  Rooms are divided into three sections, male, female and family living area.

Is there a time limit to stay at the emergency shelter?
Switchpoint does not have a time limit for clients.  However, clients need to be actively engaged in their own success by meeting with their case manager and working on their action plan for self-sufficiency.  As long as clients are progressing on their path, they are welcome to continue their stay at Switchpoint.

What volunteering opportunities are available at Switchpoint Emergency Shelter?
Switchpoint Emergency Shelter has a number of ways to volunteer. These may include working in the community garden, cooking and serving meals in our kitchen or helping with laundry services to name a few.

How is Switchpoint funded?
Switchpoint Community Resource Center and Emergency Shelter is funded mostly by donations of community members and well wishers.  We also receive some funding from foundations, businesses and the state of Utah.  Donations to Switchpoint Community Resource Center are tax deductible.  

Are there any other  Switchpoint locations?
Switchpoint Community Resource Center and Emergency Shelter has one location at 948 N. 1300 W.  However, Switchpoint also has an on-site emergency food pantry as well as two off-site job training sites.  The Switchpoint Thrift Store is located at 935 N. 1300 W.  Our doggy daycare site, Bed ‘N’ Biscuits is located just up the street at 960 N Dixie Downs Drive.  Both of these job training sites provide volunteering opportunities for the community and a chance for individuals facing homelessness to learn job skills and build their resume improving their marketability for future employment.

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