Switchpoint has state and federal grants that allow us to help individuals and families that meet the qualifications with temporary housing payment assistance.


About a year ago my family and I were put in a position where we became homeless. We had heard about Switchpoint from a friend of ours so we thought, what the heck, let’s see if they can do anything for us. I will tell you it was the BEST decision we had made. The people at Switchpoint didn’t pass judgement on us, they understood our situation and did what they could to assist in getting my family off the streets and into a home. We have had struggles throughout this last year due to health issues and our housing case manager has been so apt to helping even with that. They are very caring and willing to help those in need. If families are misplaced due to unforeseen circumstances, I would highly recommend contacting Switchpoint to see what they can do to assist. — Meredith R.